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Two Strand Twist

Two Strand Twist

Two Strand Twist: Hairstyle is a prominent part of one’s personality, which determines one’s overall appearance and enhances grace for one’s attire. People are identified and distinguished by how they keep their hair. The two-strand twist is one of the ways of hairstyling in which two sections of hair are twisted with each other both clockwise and anticlockwise over the full length and look like a rope shape.

The hairstyle is quite popular and has been practised since the ages, though there is no specific region where it originated. However, according to history, the two-strand twist gained popularity mainly after the natural hair movement. The objective of the movement was to encourage people to embrace their natural hair colour and texture.


This hairstyle has been done to make the hair manageable and keep the natural texture alive. It is believed that the two-strand twist hairstyle was the main hairstyle chosen by African people and wherever the African descendants migrated the hairstyle became famous in Britain, the USA, and many other countries. The braided hair helps the hair to protect from rough environments and extreme weather conditions too. Also, twisted hairstyles make the hair wavy and give a different look to the overall personality.

Benefits of Hairstyle

Anything in fashion should be beneficial enough to win the hearts of people around the globe, and The strand twist has provided convenience and comfort and hence it has been adopted by a significant number of the population.

Two-strand twist makes hair tangle-free, mostly African descendants have curly hair and therefore they opt for this hairstyle to keep it manageable. This hairstyle also helps the hair to grow and prevents it from any breakage. As hairs are being twisted from the roots, it also defines them. People with long hair usually go for this as they give a variation of style for different occasions.

Celebrities For Two Strand Twist

The accurate way to measure the popularity of a trend is to see celebrities owning that publicly. Two-strand twist has become the hairstyle done by many famous celebrities across the country. AJ Tracey is one of the top popular names known for his two-strand twist hairs, he is a famous rapper and singer in the United Kingdom. Apart from Tracey, there are names like Will Smith, Yara Shahidi, Lenny Kravitz, and many more names.

Reason of Popularity Among African

According to all the information available to the public out here, the two-strand twist is hugely accepted by the African descendants and community. Even among the celebrities, personalities who opted for this hairstyle have African roots in some way.

Africa is a tropical region with quite a harsh climate that makes skin and hair comparatively rougher than hair belonging to another region in the world, that is why people who have lived in the region went for twisting. Doing the same hairstyle also helps them to protect their hair from such weather conditions. Because it has been practised by the African community for ages, it has been associated with their cultural heritage and has become an important part of their identity.

As it got linked with their culture and heritage, the African community began to promote the two-strand twist hairstyle, natural movement was one of its ways to do that. In recent decades, people from African diaspore started to fight for discriminative beauty standards based on colour and hair texture. From there, the popularity and practice of Two Strand Twist further expanded.

Care of Two Strand Twist Hairstyle

The Two-strand Twist hairstyle is one way to keep the curly and tangled hair sorted in one’s daily routine. Along with this, it is also considered a low-maintenance hairstyle, according to the hairstylist, once it is done it does not need much effort to take care of it.

Related Stereotype

When there is belief, there is prejudice too. On one hand, in one region the two-strand twist hairstyle is considered part of cultural identity on the other hand it is considered as part of a civilised society and recognised as unprofessional. The beauty standard set by the upper order in society does not accept such a natural hairstyle and demands grooming.

Two Strand Twist


As rightly mentioned, a two-strand twist is not merely a hairstyle but reflects the cultural identity of a huge population across the world. It has fought with set beauty standards and gained popularity as the natural hair texture. Practising by celebrities helped it to broaden its acceptance among society. In history also, colour and clothing have become pivotal subjects of rebellion, which eventually give a section of deserved dignity and place in the social order.