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Asif Ali Gohar Expands Uses of Vegan Rice Leather

As the popularity and the demand for Vegan Rice Leather is growing, we talked to Asif Ali Gohar about his expanded use of the material and what projects might be next. There are several factors that make this material better for the environment and for the community that make it a great choice for not only clothing items but also accessories, tools, leashes or halters, and nearly endless other possibilities. Here we discuss some of the new uses that are beginning and that are to come.

The newest expansion comes with the creation of a thicker and stronger version that is focused on use in tools and farming needs. This material is ideal for more intense uses and can last longer under greater strain than the original version. It has most recently been used in tool bags, to pad and offer correct grip on the handles of many types of tools from paintbrushes to hammers and everything in between. It can also be found on sporting equipment as it provides a nonslip grip. 

In addition, it has expanded into the sporting industry in several ways.  Items that are traditionally created with leather, such as footballs, soccer balls, and even catchers’ mitts, can all be made with vegan leather rather than animal based products. By changing the material there are more options for participants who wish to choose more environmentally friendly products while still enjoying their favorite sports. Allowing athletes to choose items that are not animal based the sports are able to welcome more players and engage with the community in more ways. These changes to materials are opening sports to everyone in the community.

Animals are also finding the material expanding further into their own accessories and needs. Leashes, harnesses, leads, and even pet carriers and shelters. These are accessible to anyone, and work well to fit the needs of rescues and organizations that support animal rights and protection. Providing items they require in a plant based product is one way to help them maintain their own belief systems while also ensuring access to needed items for the jobs that they take on. 

Along with the expansion of the use of this material, advertising and partnerships are also growing. The company is working with an increasing number of designers of both clothing and furniture, as well as pet items, sporting items, and tools. There are several collaborations with the producer of this leather and brands who are using it as an inspiration for their new products. Expanding collaborations are one of the keys to the future of the brand and bringing awareness to vegan rice leather.