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In the digital time where your social friends are your heartbeat, innovative social media platforms like help you build long-lasting relationships. Doublelist is one of the ground-breaking applications that have been making names in the market of online apps. This app is designed to make people meet and connect. If you are an app developer who wants to check out the workings of this app or a companion finder, you can download this app on your mobile phone and enjoy it. In this blog, we will learn about this fascinating app. We will learn about the features this app boasts. So, without any further delay, let us get started.

What is

Doublelist is another dating app platform that is similar to Craigslist. It can help you find local connections in your area by exploring vast categories such as casual relationships, friendships, or platonic relationships. Hence, It also has a filter of sexual preference which helps you filter out your partner on many different categories. It is a mix-up of the other dating apps and has a unique feature mentioned above. It also helps you make your profile more attractive. With the help of the app’s AI, you can boost your dating app profile. The AI will help you set pictures on your profile, which will help you attract more friends. 

Key Features of app

  1. Secret Posts 

With the help of this app, you can post without revealing your identity. It will help you connect with other people without them knowing who you are. This feature gives a sense of privacy and security.

  1. Nearby Search

You can use the location-based search feature of this app to connect with nearby users. This feature helps in having real-world interactions with people who live near you. It will be convenient for those looking for a relationship near by.

  1. Various Categories

User will get a vast list of categories of interests and preferences. Whether you are into casual relationships or only friendships you will get everything you want here. The app also has a wide list of interests. It can help you search a partner which has the same interest as you.

  1. More Safety

The app has implemented a few measures to provide safety to its users. The platform uses moderators to monitor and filter material, lowering the risk of frauds, spam, and unsuitable information.

  1. Community Guidelines

Doublelist encourages appropriate use, just like any other online site. The app includes community norms to ensure a courteous and inclusive atmosphere. Users are encouraged to follow these principles to provide a great experience for everybody.

  1. No Controversies

Doublelist has grown in popularity, but it has not been without obstacles. Some critics say that the software may unwittingly assist criminal activity or serve as a breeding ground for fraud. Users must take caution and adhere to safety requirements while interacting with individuals on the site.

What is the cost of using

You can use this dating app free of cost as well. But if you want to try its premium version, there are also a few paid subscriptions. These paid subscriptions will help you get extra benefits. Let us see what the cost of a paid subscription is?


With the free subscription, you can post your images, message someone, and reply to the ads you like. However the daily capacity you will get is minimal compared to those with paid subscriptions. 

$10 Per Month

Here, you will get more limits on daily capacity. You can send 30 messages a day, reply to 6 ads a day, and visit 250 pages per day. You will also get access to other filters, such as age and geographic details.

$20 Per Month

In this subscription type, your daily limit will be exceeded to unlimited capacity. You can send unlimited messages, replies and page visits. However, the number of posting ads will be only 10 per day.

What Are the Pros of

Like many other dating apps this app also has many benefits. Let us discuss that.

  • Doublelist allows you to explore your sexual inclinations, regardless of what they are.
  • The software is highly LGBTQIA+ friendly, and it even filters out precisely what you’re searching for from the beginning.
  • There is a phone number verification method in place to assist identify bogus accounts.
  • The messages are encrypted, providing a feeling of data security.
  • Casual sex with other like-minded people can help you explore connections in ways that are comfortable for you.
  • It has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate.

What Are the Cons of

Every app comes with its own challenges. And here are the challenges this app might have.

  • While there are security safeguards in place, there are bots, fraudulent accounts, and other issues that make it difficult to determine if you’re communicating with legitimate folks.
  • Advertising may be distracting.
  • There might be false adverts on the platform.
  • Some users report being ghosted after the first message, which makes them concerned about fraudulent profiles.
  • The free account has limitations, so if you are a frequent user, you will need to pay to take full advantage of the platform’s features.


This review is largely favorable, as long as you stay safe. Key factors include ensuring that all activity is lawful and consensual, as well as having clear expectations and boundaries from the outset.

Websites like this have grown in popularity in recent years as people’s curiosity has increased. If you’re seeking for long-term partnerships, this might not be the right online dating service for you. However, if you are searching for a dating network based on classified advertisements that allows you to have fun with no ties attached, it is worth looking into.