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Upgrading Storages in Hay Day

Hay Day is one of the long-running best farming games online available on mobile phones. By having your own far, you have the power and full authority on how to run and decorate it. In fact, being able to move and reposition the objects on the farm freely is one of the reasons why players continue to love this farming game.

But this is not the heart of the game. Obviously, the game will mainly revolve around the growth of the farm in terms of land expansion, variety of available crops, and the overall player experience and level.

Naturally, having a wider variety of crops to grow means more products to harvest. In that case, you will need a larger storage to accommodate all of your fresh produce. To do this, you will have to upgrade your barn given that it is your main storage on your farm.

At first, upgrading the barn is rather simple but as you further progress, you will be required to spend more time and gold to do this. If you want to do this fast, you can opt to top up Hay Day.

Upgrading the Farm

Upon starting your farming journey, you will already have a barn ready on the farm. At first, it can hold up to 50 items. And if you think that your barn cannot store any more items that need to be kept, then it is the perfect time for you to upgrade your barn.

To upgrade your farm, you will need to collect enough materials first. As the level increases, more materials will be asked. Nails, wood, and planks are the basic materials needed for the upgrade. You can obtain these materials by collecting items, harvesting them, and opening a mystery crate.

Start upgrading by clicking the Barn and then the Increase Storage button. The barn can be expanded up to 25,000 maximum capacity.

Other Storage

If upgrading the barn becomes a little difficult for your level and you feel a little stuck, you can opt to build a silo as a secondary storage for your crops such as berries, fruits, and other harvested products.

Similar to the barn on your farm, the silo can also be upgraded if you are in need of more storage space. It also starts at 50 maximum capacity which can also be upgraded.

The good thing is that the barn and silo require different materials for the upgrade of each building. In this case, the silo will need nails, screws, and wood panels that can also be obtained after harvesting crops, opening a mystery chest, and collecting items.

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