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Hello friends, welcome back to our blog. As we know the demand for OTT platforms has increased over some time. This is because people find it more convenient and comfortable. All the latest movies and web series are available on OTT platforms. However, they don’t just let people enjoy watching. These platforms charge a fee. This fee is generally called a subscription. But what if we tell you that you can watch all that content for free? Yes, it is true. There is a website that allows you to watch movies for free. This website is DOT MOVIES. 

The movie sector around the world is giving back-to-back hits. Due to this, people become more curious to watch those films. However, Some people watch it in theatres, and some pay for the subscription. Moreover, this website releases the latest Bollywood, Hollywood, and South Indian movies as soon as they are released. That too for absolutely no money.

To know about this website, read the whole article.


It is a website that lets you watch and download movies for free. Using this website is very easy. Even the new users can navigate through the site with ease. Moreover, it is a torrent platform. This platform is a pirated site which is illegal to use. Not just movies, it also has TV shows available. All the latest content is released on this website regularly. Furthermore, dot movies are available as a website, an app for both Android and iOS and a telegram channel. It provides good quality. Users can also choose the quality in which they want to watch. Downloading movies and shows is also an easy task through this source.


The platform is a pirated site. It provides illegal content to the viewers. No doubt it adds to the entertainment. But it is not a safe source to use. Some features that attract viewers are –

Variety of qualities

It offers various qualities to choose from. Viewers can choose the best quality as per their choice. Content is available in HD. Therefore, it makes the user experience better. Moreover, we can say that they provide the best quality for you to enjoy your favorite content.

Huge Library

A vast library of movies and shows is available. Moreover, more and more content is added regularly. New movies and shows are released on this platform illegally. The availability of such a huge collection of movies and shows makes it a huge library. Furthermore, all different genres are available to watch. Users can simply choose which genre they want to watch and explore suitable movies and shows. Action, horror, mystery, romance, fantasy, history, and many more genres are available for viewers.

Bollywood movies, South Indian movies, South Indian movies dubbed in Hindi, Hollywood movies, and a library of web series are available.


How do you people decide which movie to watch? The answer is obvious! Trailers! Trailers are important for deciding which movie we wish to watch right? Because time is precious, who wants to waste their time on a non-interesting movie? Nobody. So this pirated site offers an option to watch the trailers. Therefore, before investing your time in a certain content, you can know what you are going to watch.

No Subscription

As we mentioned earlier, this source provides everything for free. There is no subscription fee needed. Furthermore, users do not even have to sign in or anything.

Timeless entertainment

Many of you might be classic movie lovers. You might be a fan of old movies. Whereas, some of you might want the latest releases. Do not worry. This platform provides viewers with the taste of the oldest to newest movies. Therefore, it enhances the user experience and builds up the interest.

User-friendly interface

Dot movies are very easy to use. You can explore the whole website without any sort of difficulty. Even the new users do not need any guidance. It has a user-friendly interface.


It is easy to download movies via this platform. But do not forget it is a pirated site that allows downloading illegally.

The steps to download the content from this website are –

Search for its official website and open it.

You can see the homepage

Choose the movie you want to download

When you click the “download” button, you will be redirected to a different page with a different download option.

You can then choose the quality.

Tadaa! It will be now downloaded.

Note – During the process, many pop-ups will appear on your screen. They might contain viruses. Therefore,

you are suggested to avoid clicking on those ads.


The clear and honest answer is NO. This is a pirated site. In simpler words, it is illegal to use this website. It contains copyrighted content. Therefore, it is not legal. Users might face some legal problems if they do not follow precautions. Therefore, people are suggested to use a safer website instead.





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Dot Movies provides pirated and illegal movies and shows. It offers Bollywood, Hollywood, south Indian, and other movies and TV shows. Therefore, it adds to the entertainment. The best part is that it is a huge library which is available for free. For more such articles, keep reading our blogs. Thank you, bye.


Users are advised to use a safer alternative. We do not support the use of illegal activities. Users are solely responsible for their actions.