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Youtuber Kaise Bane 2024: How to become a successful youtuber?

Youtuber kaise bane


Youtuber kaise bane: In today’s day and age, technology is very advanced and capable. In recent years technological advancement has achieved new milestones. As a result of which many things have been changed and developed. Furthermore, with the technological advancement the internet has managed to benefit a lot. Currently, the internet is very fast and much more reliable than it used to be. For the same reason, the world of the internet has gained more relevance and significance among the people. With the boom of the internet, many people around the world have started pursuing fields such as content creation and social media influencing. And, the parents witnessing the potential have started being more supportive of their kids pursuing such creative and innovative careers.

Well, are you one such individual who aspires to become a famous and successful youtuber? And, are you facing difficulties in deciding where to start your journey? Lastly, are you interested in knowing about various factors that are significant in becoming a successful youtuber? If you are curious, then you will get what you want here. In this blog, we are going to tell you each and everything related to the process of becoming a youtuber and the important factors at play. The whole blog will be kept elaborate and accurate. For the same reason, you are going to find this to be packed with relevant information that will prove to be beneficial and worth your time. Hence, it is requested that you do not give up before reading this blog completely.

Overview and details of YouTube platform (Youtuber Kaise Bane)

  • Name- YouTube
  • Type of business- Subsidiary
  • Type of site- Online video platform
  • Founded- 14th February 2005 (it was more than 19 years ago)
  • Headquarters- 901 Cherry Avenue, San Bruno, California, United States of States
  • Areas served- Worldwide (However, some countries are blocked)
  • Owner- Google LLC
  • Founders- Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim
  • Key people- Neal Mohan (CEO) and Chad Hurley (advisor)
  • Industry- internet and video hosting service
  • Products- YouTube Kids, YouTube Music, YouTube premium, YouTube shorts and YouTube TV
  • Parent company- Google LLC
  • Advertising segment- Google AdSense
  • Registration required- optional
  • Launched- 14th February 2005
  • Current status- Active
  • Written with- Python, C++, Java, Go and JavaScript

About the platform YouTube (Youtuber kaise bane)

YouTube is a very popular online video sharing platform. It is of American origin. Evidently, this platform is owned by Google. Moreover, this platform is available to access worldwide. Certainly, it was founded and launched back on 14th February 2005. This was more than 19 years ago. Also, YouTube was founded by former employees of PayPal named Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim. The headquarters of YouTube are in San Bruno, California, United States of America.

According to data, this website is the second most visited website in the whole world. Their monthly users are more than 2.5 billion. As a result, more than one billion hours of videos get watched every day. In a very popular event, YouTube got acquired by Google for $1.65 billion. Their main revenue model is based on advertisements. Since its purchase by Google, YouTube even provided various mobile apps.

Why would one aspire to become a Youtuber? (Youtuber kaise bane)

Eventually, with the internet being accessible to more people, it led to the userbase of YouTube increasing considerably. This sudden rise in userbase led to more content creators emerging from the population. Indeed, many people grew up watching and admiring different youtubers. Hence, people with creative minds started desiring to do something similar with their unique content creation. And, noticing the success many individuals had managed to achieve being a youtuber is truly motivational for such people.

Also, everyone known that a successful youtuber earns a considerable amount of fortune over the years. The source of this incoming fortune is a mix of as revenue, super chats and brand sponsorships. On an average a usual youtuber makes around $1154 every week. Indeed, that is an astonishing amount. However, you need to know that money is not the only factor. The popularity, respect and influence that one earns is also very significant. Hence, all these and many other personal factors drive someone towards becoming a youtuber. But, what do you need to become a youtuber who earns money with a monetized channel? Basically, the monetization requirements of YouTube are 1000 subscribers and 4500 hours of watch time earned in last 1 year.

Youtuber kaise bane
Youtuber kaise bane

Tips and suggestions on “how to become a successful youtuber?” (Youtuber kaise bane)

  • You need to choose a niche. By this we refer to picking up a specific category you wish to make content in.
  • Whereas, targeting your audience is also a major factor. You need to keep in mind which people are part of your audience and who you are making content for. Thereafter, you need to reach them by using your content
  • A schedule goes a long way. Youtubers who upload consistently have a steady flow of new audiences joining them. Whereas, consistent uploads also help existing subscribers to stay engaged.
  • If you have sufficient funds definitely consider investing in equipment and software. This will further improve the quality of your content.
  • Make sure that the videos you are uploaded must be high quality with good content.
  • Surely, focusing on your channel analytics and data helps a lot. This way you can implement various strategies in your content. Also, give enough attention towards SEO and description of your videos.
  • Video titles and thumbnails are very significant to one’s growth on the YouTube platform.
  • Engagement with the audience makes sure that they stay connected and a part of your channel. Because it is very common for someone to have inactive subscribers.
  • All the YouTube videos should be promoted appropriately.
  • Learning new things on how to improve your content goes a long way. The reason behind this is that you need to constantly experiment and provide your audience with something new.


Surely, if you intend to become a youtuber then you should definitely pursue your plans and dreams. Even though it takes time to create a stable channel with a constant income flow, the journey is worth it. Once you are successful, you can only focus on your content. This is the end of this blog. In conclusion, it is expected that enough information was provided here. Lastly, if you have enough time to spare then consider checking out more of our blogs.

AUTHOR- Piyush Chauhan