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Tyler Childers Songs That Are Most Popular In Detail

Tyler Childers Songs


Tyler Childers Songs: Do you also find listening to music a relaxing journey? Furthermore, are you addicted to music and try to listen to it whenever you get the chance to? And, during your music explorations did you happen to come upon this artist named Tyler Childers? Thereafter, did he happen to impress you with his music compositions? Lastly, are you interested in knowing about the artist Tyler Childers and his most streamed popular songs? If you are, then we are excited to tell you that you are at the right place. In this blog, we are going to discuss the artist and his most popular songs in detail.

We will try to be as elaborate as we possibly can. For the same reason, this blog is going to be packed with information and will surely entertain you. That is why reading this till the end would be a good idea for you.

Overview and details of the artist Tyler Childers (Tyler Childers Songs)

Full name- Timothy Tyler Childers

DOB- 21st June 1991

Age- 32

Birthplace- Lawrence County, Kentucky

Origin- Louisa, Kentucky

Occupation- Singer, songwriter and philanthropist

Instruments- Guitar

Active since- 2010

Labels signed to- Hickman Holler/RCA Nashville

Member of- Tyler Childers and the Food Stamps

Genres- Neotraditional country, bluegrass, contemporary folk and honky tonk

Who is Tyler Childers? (Tyler Childers Songs)

Tyler Childers is a popular American singer and songwriter. His full name is Timothy Tyler Childers. Evidently, he was born on 21st June 1991. That makes him 32 years old as of now. Also, his birthplace is Lawrence County, Kentucky. However, as a music artist, he originated from Louisa, Kentucky. Professionally, he is a singer, songwriter as well as a philanthropist. Along with vocals, he can also contribute with his expertise in playing guitars. Evidently, he embarked on his journey of composing music back in the year 2010. Thereafter, he has been composing music till now and is an active artist. Currently, he is signed to record labels named Hickman Holler and RCA Nashville. The music that he composes is a mix of Neotraditional country, bluegrass and folk. Additionally, he released his first studio album titled “Purgatory” back in August 2017.

Number 1: “Feathered Indians” (Tyler Childers Songs)

Feathered Indians is Tyler Childers’ most popular and most streamed song. Evidently, this song was released in 2017. Furthermore, the song was released as part of his album named Purgatory. Including this song their were a total of ten tracks on the album. This song had been produced by David “Fergie” Ferguson and Sturgill Simpson. Whereas, it has been written by Tyler Childers himself. Also, Sturgill Simpson plays the guitar in this song. Additionally, the drums are handled and played by Miles Miller. Moreover, the backing vocals on the song are done by Miles Miller and Sturgill Simpson. This song was composed and recorded at The Butcher Shoppe Recording Studio, Nashville, Tennessee. It is a country song that was specifically released on 4th August 2017. Lastly, till now this song has managed to earn more than 420 million streams on Spotify.

Number 2: “All Your’n” (Tyler Childers Songs)

This is yet another popular song by Tyler Childers. Evidently, this song has managed to earn more than 318 million streams on Spotify till now. Evidently, this song was released as part of his album named Country Squire. Basically, this is a LP which refers to a Long Playlist. Including this song a total of nine new tracks were released. This track has been produced by Sturgill Simpson and David Ferguson. This song along with the album was released back in 2019. This is a traditional folk song that became very popular as time passed. Lastly, this song even got nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Country Solo Performance.

Number 3: “Lady May” (Tyler Childers Songs)

Lady May is also a very superhit and popular track released by Tyler Childers. Evidently, the song can be described as a love song. Furthermore, according to our sources Tyler Childers wrote this song for the same woman who is now his wife. We are referring to Senora May, Kentucky singer and songwriter. Evidently, this song was released in 2017. This song was also released as part of his album named “Purgatory”. Including this song, there are a total of 10 tracks on the album. Additionally, this song has been produced by David Fergie Ferguson and Sturgill Simpson.

Whereas, it has been written by Tyler Childers. The backing vocals are given by Sturgill Simpson and Miles Miller. Sturgill Simpson also contributes by playing the guitar. Whereas, Miles Miller did his magic on the drums. This song was specifically released on 4th August 2017. Thereafter, a remix titled Lady May (Reimagined) was also released by Tyler Childers. Lastly, till now this song has managed to gain more than 315 million streams on Spotify.

Tyler Childers Songs
Tyler Childers Songs


Indeed, Tyler Childers is a very talented and intelligent music artist. His music catalogue consists of such entertaining songs like the ones we discussed above. Evidently, we told you all necessary information related to his three most streamed popular songs along with briefly discussing the artist himself. This is the end of the blog. In conclusion, we hope that we managed to entertain you with the help of this informative blog. Lastly, if you enjoyed reading this one consider checking more of our blogs out.

AUTHOR- Piyush Chauhan