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Kevin Gates Insta Story: A Shocking Activity

Kevin gates Insta story

There are a lot of celebrities you all love and follow them. Sometime it happens that some of their activity put the fans into confusion or in the state of shock. It can be some real activity or some of their posts. It can be some of their statement on any issue or other star. Today we will put some spotlight on Kevin gates. We will also share what we just said that some shocking activities that an actor do sometimes. So we will put some spotlight on Kevin gates Insta story. Many of you have seen or heard his story that why it gave birth to some questions in the mind of the fans and audience. If you are eager to know some facts about kevin gates and also wants to know about the reason behind his story, then read the article till the end.

Physical Stats

So as we share some of his details and also about his shocking insta story. Then let’s start with some of the details which will be about his physical features. He stands at a height of 6 feet and 2 inches. He has a dark complexion. Kevin eyes are black in colour. His hair colour is also black. His overall weight is around 90 kg. Kevin gates BMI is around 26. He has a fit and healthy body which attracts his lot of fans. He also has a lot of tattoos on his bodies that can’t be even explained.

Parents and Siblings of Kevin Gates Insta story

As we have researched a lot so we got to know some of his family relations so let’s have a look on that. The only thing we got know about his family is that his parents are Lucille Gilyard and Kevin Gilyard Sr. He is married and his wife name is Dreka Haynes. He got married to her 2015. He has 4 kids. This shows he had a happy family and now he built his own happy family as well. Kevin’s brother name is Brandon. He never gave any information about his sister. This is all about his family.

Kevin Gates Insta Story

Kevin gates impressed his fans and audience through his songs but this time he came up with another thing. This thing didn’t impress his fans but put his fans and all the audience in to the state of shock. Actually kevin gates insta story has something which can be a new experience to anybody and especially a star like posts such thing. Fans were not aware about the reason behind posting that story but there should be a reason that kevin gates put such video on his story. He posted a video on his Instagram story in which a woman was giving birth to a child.

Though it was a graphical video but still it questioned most of the people the question was why kevin why did you post that. He also put the caption on that story which states that The most beautiful thing on earth is the gift of life. Many of his fans thought that kevin became father again but it was not like that. He was just sharing a video of a black maternal health weak and nothing else.

Professional Career

Kevin gates career is one of the greatest career. He sung more than 750 songs including every track in his whole career. In 2022 his song Khaza was released. In 2019 his song I am Him was released. Then Luca Brasi 3 in 2018. In 2016 Don’t Fuck Around song was released. Another song of his career was Murder for Hire 2. This song was released on 2016. Nobody can put all his tracks in a single article we just shared some of them. You can search for more on the internet.

Net Worth of Kevin Gates Insta story

Along with a great career his net worth is also good. According to the latest reports his total net worth is $3 million. He earns a good amount of money through his tracks and through a lot of concerts. There are some other sources of income Kevin is having.

Kevin gates Insta story
Kevin gates Insta story


Lastly, we want to say that Kevin gates is a great artist and gave a lot of hits to the music industry. He always gives his best through his songs and his fan following is also so huge. Whenever he goes into a concert then a huge number of people joins that concert. kevin gates insta story is not that big deal it was just an awareness that he was spreading or a we can also say a message to everyone about the black maternal health week. In starting many got shocked and raised some questions and many people also made some video on that story asking that why did he post that and he should not do that. But now we think all of them got the reason behind it.


  • Kevin Gates zodiac sign is Aquarius
  • He was born on 5th February 1986
  • His current age is 38 years
  • Kevin was born in Baton Rouge
  • In 2013 he released his new track through his new company