Aaron’s Fine Furniture's Delivery Details:

Our delivery fees are charged according to the area where the furniture is being delivered.

Our delivery staff are experts in delivery and setup. It is to your advantage to allow us to deliver your furniture rather than you picking it up.

Here are some great reasons why:

Inclement weather - you don't have to worry about rain and dirt on the roads as all of our delivery trucks are boxed Isuzu's.

Damage: You don't have the burden of getting your new furniture in your home in good shape when you use our quality delivery service. If the furniture is not tied down properly you could lose it on the highway. Door jambs and tight corners can be trouble; it is easy to damage your new furniture as well as your walls. Our guys are trained and prepared to handle these tight places.

Peace of mind: If for some unforeseen reason we damage something during transit or setup, we will take care of it, but if you haul it yourself and damage it then it is your responsibility.

Our delivery crew will inspect all items being delivered in great detail before the items are loaded on our trucks. Since delivery times cannot be promised or guaranteed, our delivery crew will call you the day before or no later than 10 am the morning of your scheduled delivery to give you a 2-4 hour window of when we will be there. Please be prepared for your delivery by making sure there is a clear path to the delivery area so that the crew may complete the delivery with as little disruption to you and your family.

Pickup Rules:

Please inspect your merchandise carefully. Our responsibility for damage ends when you accept the merchandise on our dock. Customer is responsible for bringing all necessary tie down materials (tie down straps, rope, twine, blankets, etc.) Our staff will assist you in loading your merchandise in your vehicle. We cannot be responsible for damage in transit caused by faulty packaging or inadequately tied down merchandise and for this reason; you must tie your merchandise. Please secure your items well.

Customer is also responsible for returning merchandise for any reason. We strongly urge you to allow our professional delivery crew to stage, deliver, clean and install your new furniture right where you want it in your home. That way you’ll avoid the potential damage to your new furniture and we’ll take all the risk and hassle for you!